Let’s create the future together.

Software is eating the world, yet very few are able to create it. Too many great ideas never come to fruition, and big problems go unsolved because the barriers are too high. We believe everyone should have a seat at the table.

We’re breaking down these barriers by building new tooling that bridges skill gaps and enables creators to work together seamlessly. We’re growing a vibrant community that shares inspiration, projects, components, and tutorials, turning the world into your team. Let’s turn ideators into product creators and help those closest to problems craft solutions.

We’re just getting started and have a long journey ahead of us. However, we won’t rest until creating software is as accessible as using it.

— The Clutch Team

Picture of Rafael Ferreira
"One of my life goals is to allow everyone to transform an idea into a product in a smooth way and as much integrated with other people as possible!”
Rafael Ferreira - Developer
Picture of Luis Torres
"As a software developer, I’m driven by improving people's lives through technology. Clutch aims to make it accessible in a simple and comprehensive way!”
Luis Torres - Developer
Picture of Désirée Blanchard
"The democratization of technology, by helping and facilitating people to build digital products while they skill-up their knowledge and contribute to society.”
Désirée Blanchard - Head of User Research
Picture of Sara Duque
"I'm excited to be part of a vibrant world-class team set to change the way people build digital products!”
Sara Duque - Head of Management
Picture of Migsar Navarro
"I've always cared about democratizing access to opportunities and lowering the barrier to web creation seems such a good way to do just that.”
Migsar Navarro - Developer
Picture of André Pessoa
"My life goal has always been to work on the tools that build dreams. ”
André Pessoa - Developer
Picture of Samuel Couto
"Passionate about building a future where all people feel empowered to bring their ideas to life - collaboratively and efficiently.”
Samuel Couto - Product Designer
Picture of José Basso
"I want software development to be about creativity and practicality”
José Basso - Developer
Picture of Luís Correia
"I love technical challenges and playing with logic and developing Clutch makes us push the envelope on what's technically possible everyday whilst lowering those barriers for everyone.”
Luís Correia - Developer
Picture of José Magalhães
"Over a decade of experience across multiple companies but Clutch is the one that feels like home.”
José Magalhães - Developer
Picture of Bruno Mota
"Empowering people with different skill sets and backgrounds to build big things together and efficiently.”
Bruno Mota - Co-Founder & CTO
Picture of Roby Fitzhenry
"Helping make people and their ideas successful is my life’s work. Being a part of the Clutch team helps fulfill that. ”
Roby Fitzhenry - Brand Director
Picture of Vidya Venkat
"On a mission to democratize software and enable everyone to build their dreams and take it to market quickly and with ease. ”
Vidya Venkat - Head of Operations
Picture of Matthew Hager
"I see a future where all people are able to use their personal computer to create personal software.”
Matthew Hager - Co-Founder & CEO
Picture of Julian Herrera
"Helping artists create, faster, smarter, and better, is a personal mission. It is beyond rewarding to help facilitate creators accomplishing their vision at this scale.”
Julian Herrera - Head of Content
Picture of Jorge Martins
"While working with multidisciplinary teams, I’ve always been a strong advocate for tools and processes that reduce the friction of building software. So I’m compelled and excited to help create a tool whose mission will empower everyone to easily build powerful products.”
Jorge Martins - Dev-signer
Picture of João Martins
"To help build a product that enables people to bring their ideas into fruition and still learn in the process is something I always ought to do.”
João Martins - Project Manager
We're just getting started